I have just dropped my song 'Battle Gloves' on a brand new music platform!! I wrote and recorded this a while back for the film 'Rituals for Change' but never released it. This song has a very special place in my heart featuring my first ever guitar solo... on a cute little guitarlele! 

Check it out!! 

Mirror and Mountain is an independent music platform supporting the arts and charitable causes through music.

It just launched today so please check out my song Battle Gloves, if you dig it please download for £2 as I'm giving away 50% of my share to For The Love Of Music Charity

Similar to Bandcamp, but Instead of charging a fee for the service, Mirror and Mountain is a not-for-profit. Artists can keep up to 95% of their earnings and the rest goes to charity. No strings attached!

Music fans & artists - Sign up here 

You own all the music and when someone downloads your song, your share goes immediately to you the charity share goes immediately to them.

Check out Toby's awesome video here on what it's all about! 

Spread the word, tell your music mates

Get Battle Gloves in your ears!


Music makes a difference!

Mel xx

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