Mel Sanson

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I truly believe that listening to and or writing music is what is going to save us all! At least keep those happy feelings coming to us, if only in waves. I've been learning some new skills and have set myself the challenge of creating and adding some interesting trip hop vibey layers to these new songs. Join me live on my facebook music page at 9pm UK time on 31st May to hear these new noises first! Watch it here! | Event link |

Ghost Featured by Killer Track!

Killer praise by Killer Podcasters and power couple Alec & Amelia. 

White Lillies duet w/ Fairuza Balk

Murder Ballad duet with Fairuza is out now available to order in Vinyl style CD and cassette tape! Recorded by Fairuza and Mel in one take, live, downtown L.A.